Dear Patron:

It was with great pleasure I agreed to serve ad honorary chair for restoration¬†of one of the true architectural gems in the hill country; the St. Joseph’s Halle.

The Halle is one of the last historical buildings in Fredericksburg remaining to be restored to its initial grandeur. Completed in 1900 it has not only served the men of St. Joseph’s Society and St. Mary’s Parish but the entire community as well for over 100 years. It was also built specifically to provide the venue to help keep alive the Hill Country ‘s wonderful German Heritage.

In ¬†reviewing the architectural plans for the renovation, I believe it truly will restore the Halle’s beauty and viability. The proposed restoration and additions to the building will increase its flexibility in hosting a variety of events and activities while maintaining its old world charm.

I hope you will join me in providing generous financial support of this worthy project. A renovated St. Joseph’s Halle will be a wonderful gift to Fredericksburg and the Texas Hill country and fitting tribute to those who have gone before.


Dian Stai